Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Record Store Day Black Friday

Black Friday Record Store Day is coming up next week. Also known as Mini Record Store Day, or Record Store Day Part 2, whichever you prefer, its a great day to shop at your local record store and get your hands on some limited edition vinyl releases by your favorite artists.

Sunshine Daydream will open at 9am on Friday November 28th with sales throughout the store and lots of special RSD vinyl records. These are limited edition pressings by many different bands. The complete list of what is being released can be found here. This list does not mean that we will have all of these for sale in our shop. As our allotment of Black Friday Record Store Day releases are just starting to trickle in and we have several different distributors shipping to us, we will not know everything that we have for sale until late Wednesday. We will post our list of available titles on our storefront door and on our facebook event page sometime on Thanksgiving day.

We are an official Record Store Day Participating Store, but because we are a smaller shop, we don't always get all the releases that we want (but we do get what we need...LOL), so we have some rules for our shop on these Record Store Days. Out of the titles that we do receive, we may only get 1 copy of a certain title or we may get multiples. 

There is a limit of 1 of a title per person and a total limit of 3 Black Friday Record Store Day releases per person. We have these limits in place, as we don’t have a ton of these releases and want to give all of our customers a chance to get something they want. Sorry, we can’t hold items, and it is first come first served. Any unsold releases will be available on our website on Monday 12/1.