Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Widespread Panic Vinyl Reissues

Widespread Panic
Vinyl Records

Widespread Panic - Space Wrangler LP     Widespread Panic - Self Titled LP

Widespread Panic has begun to reissue some of their back catalog on vinyl, and Sunshine Daydream has the first two titles available to order. Some titles have never been released on vinyl before. Their debut album, Space Wrangler was just reissued on vinyl on July 15th. Originally released on Landslide Records in 1988, and again on Capricorn in 1992, Space Wrangler broke ground on what has become almost 30 years of music. 

Their second album, self titled "Widespread Panic" was released by Capricorn Records/Warner Bros. Records on July 30, 1991 and re-released in 2001 by Zomba Music Group. This title was never officially released on vinyl. This ttitle is also available to order, and will begin shipping on 7/28.

Hold on though, because on August 26th, the bands 3rd and 4th albums will be out on pristine vinyl!

is the third studio album by the Athens, GA based band. It was first released by Capricorn Records and Warner Bros. Records on March 3, 1993 but was never released on vinyl. The band recorded the album at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield, AL, and was the group's first to feature band mate, John Hermann. Keep checking our website for preorder availability.

Ain't Life Grand is the fourth studio album from Panic. It was first released by Capricorn Records and Warner Bros. Records on September 6,1994 and like Everyday, was never released on vinyl. The band got minor airplay for their cover of Bloodkin's "Can't Get High," as well as their own "Airplane." The band begun rehearsing for the album by recording pre-recording sessions at John Keane's home studio like their first album, Space Wrangler. They were so pleased with the results that they decided to use the sessions for Ain't Life Grand instead of going into the studio on a future date with their producer Johnny Sandlin.  Keep checking our website for preorder availability.

Widespread Panic - Everyday Vinyl Record Album     

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