Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grateful Dead Alpcas Back in Stock!

We have them back in stock, but not many. A very limited amount, in different sizes and colors.

This is our second and final shipment before Christmas. But these are the shit! Grateful Dead alpaca hoodies! 100% baby alpaca wool from a cruelty-free alpaca farm in Ecuador. The front has the dancing bears and the back has a huge Steal Your Face design, and boy are they toasty warm! It has 2 side pockets and zips up. They come in a few different colors, but we don't have all sizes in all the colors.

Order one on our website, but be sure to check for size and color availability. Come on down to the Sunshine Daydream Shop and try one on. They are super soft and NOT itchy at all. This is a perfect gift for your favorite deadhead this holiday season. Sunshine Daydream Chicago has lots of new goodies coming just in time for the holidays!

Because these are limited and very hard for us to get, discounts and coupons are not valid on this item. It will NOT be part of any Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions that we are doing.